Custom Cookbooks

Cookbook Specialists offers affordable cookbook options that are flexible to make your custom cookbook the best it can be. Our attention to detail and customer service make your cookbooks shine. Check out what we have to offer here.

At Cookbook Specialists, we are continuing the tradition of excellence with over 100 years and 10 million books worth of experience in creating custom cookbooks. We have merged the history and files of Brennan Printing and the custom cookbook division of G&R Publishing. We are dedicated to helping you create a high quality keepsake cookbook that will be treasured for generations. Cookbooks are a great way to celebrate family traditions and preserve memories and history. Churches, schools, communities, groups and businesses create cookbooks for highly successful fundraising projects. A variety of people from chefs, nutritionists, food bloggers and restaurant owners create cookbooks to generate additional profits. Whatever your reason, we are here to help make your project easy and successful.

Custom Fundraising Books

Don’t wait for your custom cookbook project to be completed to start fundraising! Order a set of our Favorite Recipe Journals and start earning profits today while encouraging people to collect recipes!

Favorite Recipe Journals make it easy to have your go-to recipes at your fingertips with over 90 pages of recipe storage. The small illustrations inside are perfect for those who enjoy coloring. Preserving your favorite recipes is a great way to capture memories in your handwriting!

A unique and easy fundraiser perfect for any group!

  • Have your order within 2 weeks of ordering for instant fundraising!
  • Order as few as 24 copies at $4 each and sell for between $7.95 - $10.00.
  • Select from 4 unique designs.
  • Every order comes with a printable PDF poster, one printed poster and suggested social media posts to help jump start sales!
  • No worries on selling out! Simply continue to take orders and reorder.

Use the Favorite Recipe Book as a stepping stone into a Custom Cookbook fundraiser! Hand out recipe request forms when people purchase the books asking that they share their recipes for your group’s custom cookbook. Or gather together with your Favorite Recipe Books and take photos of the recipes to submit for your cookbook project making it simple to gather recipes.

Have a new idea for a custom fundraising book? Give us a call at (319) 334-8608.

Custom Books

Have a family history book you would like printed for the next generation? Or maybe you have some memories written down that you want to turn into a book. We are here to help you with your vision of having the book printed. With many options available we are an economical choice for you to print your book.

Give us a call today at (319) 334-9800 to learn more about the options we have available to bring your book to print.


Print Express is happy to offer 2 pre-printed books available to purchase online. These make great gifts for friends and family. Feel free to place your order online or stop by and pick yours up today!

  • My Military Memories:
    Capture memories and leave a legacy with the "My Military Memories" Journal. This journal is designed to guide veterans in recording their reflections of the time they served. Perfect for family/friends to start a conversation with a loved one about their service and create a lasting legacy.
  • Perpetual Calendar:
    The "Recipes and Reflections" Perpetual Calendar makes a perfect gift! The first day of the month is an index of recipes for that month. The rest of the days of the month have a tasty recipe and an inspirational quote.
  • Personal Perpetual Calendar:
    The Personal Perpetual Calendar makes a perfect gift for a loved one filled with your daily thoughts, uplifting messages and important dates.
  •  Recipe Journals:
    Our Recipe journals have 100 pages for you to record your favorite recipes. You can use them to treasure family recipes, or use them as a building block for collecting recipes to put a church or organization’s quick fundraiser together.

Design & Layout

With our talented designers, we are able to design custom covers and take your books to the next level with a professional looking layout.

UV Coating

UV coating is a great low-cost way to make a statement with your cover. UV coating also protects your book from everyday handling and grime.


With many options available to bind your book, we can help you create the book you have always envisioned.

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