Saying Thank You

In today’s digital age, many of us say thank you through our Social Media posts. However, we all still enjoy going to the mailbox and finding something addressed to us specifically.
We should all take a minute out of our day and send a personalized thank you. That minute you take can mean the world to the person you send it to. It might put a smile on their face and make them happy for the rest of the day.

Studies show that if you recently went on an interview and send a personalized thank you to the person who interviewed you, they are more likely to call you back for another interview. Have you recently met with a potential client? Drop a thank you note/card in the mail and thank them for their time (you can also use that thank you note to let them know you will follow up with them in a couple days or whatever the appropriate time frame is) If you tell them you are going to do that, be sure you put it on your calendar and do it. Nothing is worse than saying you are going to follow up, and then you don’t.

Our aging population absolutely LOVE to receive thank you notes/cards. Send Grandma or Grandpa a thank you note for meeting you for lunch, or taking time to tell you some of their stories/memories.
Did someone go out of their way to do something unexpected or special for you…..let them know you appreciated it. All of these little touches make a very big difference.

Thank you for reading this!










Sheri Hartkemeyer