Invitations Convey Your Image or Personality

Nowadays, people pay more attention to their social status or image more than ever before. The main reason is because everyone wants to be loved, to be known and wants to be an important person that others take an interest. So take advantage from this point to do marketing and create a good image for your company.

Invitation cards and greeting/thank you cards are one of the crucial publications used as marketing tools and help achieve this goal. Invitation cards and greeting/thank you cards can strengthen relationships within the organization and between individual. Most people still enjoy receiving an invitation or card in the mail. (aka snail mail) If you take the time to send an employee, prospect or client a card, it makes you stand out and makes the person you sent it to feel good. Acknowledging an employee’s birthday or anniversary shows that as a company, you care about your employees.

Personalize your invitations and create a “brand” or look that people recognize as yours when they see it. We all know what the Starbucks logo looks like, the AFLAC duck, etc.

Wedding invitations, graduation invitations, baby announcements, retirement announcements or invitations are a great way to portray your personality. Customize them and stand out from other invitations.

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Sheri Hartkemeyer