Fundraising Books

Get a Jump-Start on Fundraising
with Favorite Recipe Journals!

Don’t wait for your custom cookbook project to be completed to start fundraising! Order a set of our Favorite Recipe Journals and start earning profits today while encouraging people to collect recipes!

Favorite Recipe Journals make it easy to have your go-to-recipes at your fingertips with over 90 pages of recipe storage. The small illustrations inside are perfect for those who enjoy coloring. Preserving your favorite recipes is a great way to capture memories in your handwriting!

A unique and easy fundraiser perfect for any group!
➢ Have your order within 2 weeks of ordering for instant fundraising!
➢ Order as few as 24 copies at $4 each and sell for between $7.95 - $10.00.
➢ Select from 4 unique designs.
➢ Every order comes with a printable PDF poster, one printed poster and suggested social media posts to help jump start sales!
➢ No worries on selling out! Simply continue to take orders and reorder.

Use the Favorite Recipe Book as a stepping stone into a Custom Cookbook fundraiser! Hand out recipe request forms when people purchase the books asking that they share their recipes for your group’s custom cookbook. Or gather together with your Favorite Recipe Books and take photos of the recipes to submit for your cookbook project making it simple to gather recipes.

Have a new idea for a custom fundraising book? Give us a call at 319.334.8608.